Youth-Age 4-12

Helps create the step by step learning process while working with others weather its grappling sequences or kickboxing combos.   Better all-around energy do to the great workout weather at home or at school.  Positive learning environment that is family friendly anyone can do no matter the size big or small.  One of the fastest growing sports in the world.

Competition Readiness-Depending on the age and what they want to do this is limited to the instructors discretion on an individual basis but is available.

Personal Lessons Ages 3+ Depending on the Kid Taking Classes.  Helps accelerate learning at younger ages for regular classes and those looking to get a step ahead in classes.  These are offered in any class type

Adult-Age 13+

Adult Class helps with daily energy at home/with kids and at work.  Step by step learning system that’s hands on and anyone can do.  Family friendly environment that anyone can enjoy no matter what age or size.  Beginner friendly classes no experience required that will help anyone with self-defense and situational awareness.  One of the fastest growing sports in the world.

Personal Lessons offer a more accelerated personalized workout where you can get more 1 on 1 and ask questions.  Offered in any class type.

Competition Readiness – with active male and female competitors for kickboxing grappling and MMA.  For anyone that is willing to put in the work.



Using cardio movements along with MMA movements to get a great all around workout for anyone.


Striking and Grappling Classes – these are your technique bases classes

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