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We have provided the north east with the premier promotion that concentrates on developing athletes at all levels, from armature to now Pro. Grappling Super Matches grappling tournaments kickboxing and MMA fights. We concentrate on all aspects and age levels of competition.

Home has been the southern tier of NY along rout I-86 where we have had a majority of our shows.

We have a State of the art Upstate Shredding Cage Sponsored By Adam Weitsman and Upstate Shredding

Promoter: Erik Gillette
Phone: 607-972-8441
Email: 5elementmma@gmail.com

Matchmaker : Matt Rosekrans
Phone: 607-483-3910
Email: matt.artofcombat@gmail.com

Upcoming Art of Combat Event

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Www.isof.tv. check them out all rules are on here we will be following ISOF EBI overtime rules. You can register your gym promotion or just as a grappler.

Sub only grappling Art of Combat Event on November 5th surrounded by 10th planet east coast training camp 4th-6th!!!!! Event poster and details coming. ROCHESTER NY here we go!!!

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People are asking about pro fights when and where. I'll be taking my time and expanding to new locations. Over the next few weeks I'll be locking in a few dates and locations on the next few events. Expect a pro show in early 2017 maybe a little sooner depending on what happens in these next few weeks. Full submission only grappling events to come as well. Exciting things to come out of New York MMA and exciting news to come from Art of Combat! Thanks to everyone that has supported this very hard road in New York so far!!!!!!!!

Future Events

August 8th, 2016

Past Events

AOC 1 Was in Nov. 2012.  One of the first shows ever held in NY.  

Art of Combat Video Channel


Art of Combat Sports Championships 1 Quick Results
  • Richard White  def  Alfred Alo  Sub, 2:40 R1
  • Matt Almy  def  Mike Colon  Sub, 1:24 R1
  • Rebecca Heintzman  def  Jody Lynn Reicher  KO/TKO, 1:10 R2
  • Jason Covelle  def  Fred Hemmerich  KO/TKO, 2:01 R1
  • Alex Sinprasith  def  Dom Estarfaa  Sub, 1:32 R2
  • Alan Wheeler  def  T. Montour  Sub, 1:34 R2
  • Angie Reinhardt  def  Meghan Joyce  KO/TKO, 2:09 R1
  • Quentin Gaskins  def  Tevin Terrance  Sub, 0:29 R1
  • Nate Sherwood  def  Chuckie Ozbogun  Unanimous Dec
  • Joe Cepero  def  Ryan DeCilles  Unanimous Dec
  • Marc Giordano  def  Antonio Kelly  Sub, 0:35 R2
  • Kevin Lozano  def  Brett Hart  Unanimous Dec
  • Paul Karabon  def  Dylan Yarka  Sub, 1:09 R1
  • Ben Okenke  def  Yohance Bailey  KO/TKO, 1:33 R3
  • Kylan Bomberry  def  Shane Wren  Unanimous Dec
  • Matt Bordonaro  def  Daryl Labour  Sub, R1
Art of Combat Sports Championships 2 Quick Results
  • Quentin Gaskins  def  Richard White   KO/TKO, 0:45 R1
  • Pete Mazzeo  vs.  Paul Karabon  Ends in a No Contest
  •  Mike Colon  def  Bryan Burham   KO/TKO, 1:50 R1
  • Kevin Lozano  def  Eric Decker   Sub, 2:51 R1
  • Paul McDonough  def  Jeff Mason   Unanimous Dec
  • Nate Sherwood  def  Jared Kamholtz   Sub, 1:04 R1
  • Mike Karam  def  Doug Butters   Sub, 1:31 R1
  • Alex Sinprasith  def  Dillon Yarka   Sub, 1:41 R1
  • Peter Kang  def  Tim Page   Sub, 1:33 R2
  • Mike Bennett  def  Greg Compagni   Sub, 0:32 R1
  • Chuck Maldonado  def  Donald Gates   KO/TKO, 2:26 R3
  • Matt Kurey  def  Brad Shatara   Unanimous Dec
  • Lloyd Clark  def  Jeremy Post   Unanimous Dec
  • Scott Grantham  def  John Greible   Sub, 2:07 R1
Art of Combat Sports Championships 3 Quick Results
  •  Frank Scalzo  def  Richard White    Sub, 1:10 R3
  • Pete Mazzeo  def  Quentin Gaskins    Sub, 1:30 R5
  • Marc Giordano  def  Anthony Norton    Sub, 1:05 R1
  • Paul McDonough  def  Jason LaPage    Sub, 2:35 R1
  • Mike Colon  def  Tim Page    Unanimous Dec
  • G. DiLoretto  def  Matt Kurey    Split Dec
  • Kassine Omar Cass  def  Montoyia Swilling    Sub, 1:34 R2
  •  Mike Karam  def  Paul Karabon    KO/TKO, 1:42 R3
  •  Lloyd Carr  def  Alex Sinprasith    Sub, 2:29 R1
  •  Scott Grantham  def  John O’Brien    Sub, 1:02 R1
  • Corey Lauth  def  Oliver Currie    KO/TKO, 0:40 R1
  • Mike Bennett  def  Brian Larson    Unanimous Dec
  • Chris Martin  def  Kareem Coston    Sub, 2:40 R2
Art of Combat Sports Championships 4 Quick Results
  •   Paul McDonough  def  Marc Giordano   Sub, R1
  •   Josh Ricci  def  Mike Colon   Unanimous Dec
  •   Quentin Gaskins  def  Eric Mendiola   Unanimous Dec
  •   Robert Best  def  Kassine Omar Cass   Sub, R2
  •   B. Kalijundic  def  Alex Sinprasith   Unanimous Dec
  •   M. Ortegano  def  Nate Sherwood   Sub, R2
  •   Tyrone Tilson  def  Matt Kurey   Unanimous Dec
  •   Mike Karam  def  TJ Duran   Unanimous Dec
  •   Derak Heyman  def  Jon Lopez   Sub, R2
  •   Jon Conklin  def  Dave Lust Jr.   Unanimous Dec
  •   Peter McGraw  def  Kareem Coston   Sub, R3
  •   Jalaal Ricks  def  Leo Chumarro   Unanimous Dec
  •   Andrew Canale  def  John O’Brien   Sub, R1
  •   Tyler Bayer  def  Jon Ferguson   KO/TKO, R1
Art Of Combat Sports Championships 5 Quick Results
  •    Quentin Gaskins  def  Dillon Yarka     KO/TKO, 0:30 R1
  •    Matt Kurey  def  Montoyia Swilling     Unanimous Dec
  •    Luke Visingard  def  M. Ortegano     KO/TKO, 0:20 R2
  •    Jeremy Post  def  Jon Lopez     KO/TKO, 2:40 R1
  •    Eric Mendiola  def  Kassine Omar Cass     KO/TKO, 2:21 R2
  •    Josh Rebello  def  Dylan Hall     Unanimous Dec
  •    Tyler Bayer  def  Teague Vega     KO/TKO, 2:00 R2
  •    Austin Craig  def  Daryl Labour     Sub, 1:27 R1
  •    Travis Burrows  def  Scott Grantham     Sub, 1:43 R2
  •    Vince Ciotoli  def  Donald Gates     Unanimous Dec
  •    Rudy Chelendek  def  Eric Metzger     Split Dec
  •    Tammy Worrick  def  C. Strait-Martino     Sub, 2:30 R1
  •    Derek Brennen  def  Dom Estarfaa     Sub, 2:20 R1
  •    Derik Faulk  def  Nick Wimbley     KO/TKO, 2:01 R1
  •    John Connolly  def  Ray Kuntz     KO/TKO, 1:30 R1
  •    Dan Carley  def  K. Carrier Majority     Dec
Art Of Combat Sports Championships 6 Quick Results
  •   Derak Heyman  def  Eric Mendiola    Unanimous Dec
  •   Peter San Antonio  def  Matt Kurey    Unanimous Dec
  •   Dillon Yarka  def  Randy Sisenstein    Sub, 0:27 R1
  •   Robert Best  def  Erik Gillette    Sub, 0:35 R2
  •   Derik Faulk  def  Paul Karabon    Sub, 0:40 R1
  •   Austin Craig  def  Nate Sherwood    KO/TKO, 1:01 R1
  •   Dylan Smith  def  Fidel Torres    Sub, 2:25 R1
  •   Jake Lamphere  def  Luke Visingard    KO/TKO, 1:37 R2
  •   Sam Micale  def  Josh Conklin    KO/TKO, 1:35 R1
  •   John Connolly  def  Josh O’Connell    Split Dec
  •   Raphael Edwards  def  George Cepero    KO/TKO, 1:30 R2
  •   Donny Winslow  def  Evan Harris    KO/TKO, 2:48 R1
  •   Arthur Boice  def  Lavon Crawley    KO/TKO, 2:55 R1
Art of Combat Sports Championships 7 Quick Results
  •    Paul McDonough  def  Matt Kurey    Sub, R3
  •    Darrin Hunsdon  def  Deni Odefin    KO/TKO, R1
  •    Derak Heyman  def  Robert Best    Dec
  •    Spencer Efford  def  Richard White    Dec
  •    James Briggs  def  Bobby Aylward    Sub, R1
  •    Paul Karabon  def  Jose Feliciano    Sub, R1
  •    Derik Faulk  def  Dillon Yarka    Sub, R1
  •    Joey DiSalvo  def  Austin Craig    KO/TKO, R1
  •    Jeremy Post  def  Alex Sinprasith    Dec
  •    Vince Ciotoli  def  Montoyia Swilling    KO/TKO, R2
  •    Tyler Bayer  def  Jake Lamphere    Sub, R2
  •    Bryce Burns  def  Scott Grantham    KO/TKO, R2
  •    John Connolly  def  Brian Bedford    Sub, R2
  •    Justin M Walker  def  Dustin Greene    KO/TKO, R2
  •    Josh O’Connell  def  Jamie Cooch    Sub, R2
  •    Marcus Ellis  def  Travis Burrows    KO/TKO, R2
Art Of Combat Sports Championships 8 Quick Results
  •    Paul Karabon  def  Justin M Walker   Sub, R1
  •    Tyler Bayer  def  Josh Kline   Sub, R1
  •    Josh Waterman  def  Vince Ciotoli   Sub, R1
  •    Dillon Yarka  def  Scott Traskey   KO/TKO, R1
  •    Nick Muir  def  Alex Sinprasith   KO/TKO, R2
  •    Ben Bohren  def  Jonny Glennon   Sub, R1
  •    Jesse Barnett  def  Mitch Miller   Sub, R1
  •    Chase Bailey  def  John Gearheart   KO/TKO, R1
Art of Combat Sports Championships 10 Quick Results
  •   Vince Ciotoli  def  Robert Best     Unanimous Dec
  •   Dillon Yarka  def  Bryce Burns     KO/TKO, R1
  •   Justin M Walker  def  Dylan Smith     Unanimous Dec
  •   Angie Reinhardt  def  Jennifer Dubari     KO/TKO, R1
  •   Ben Minnich  def  Zach Johnson     Sub, R1
  •   C. Strait-Martino  def  Marcia Gates     Unanimous Dec
  •   Travis Burrows  def  Kasey Taft     Sub, R1
  •   Timothy Randis  def  Les Wilber     Sub, R1
  •   Chase Bailey  vs.  Jerod Gaskins     Ends in a Draw
  •   Chris Buckley  def  Jesse Neal     Unanimous Dec
Art of Combat Sports Championships 11 Quick Results
  •   Dillon Yarka  def  Robert Best     Unanimous Dec
  •   Daryl Labour  def  Jake Lamphere     KO/TKO, R1
  •   Joe Coburn  def  Timothy Randis     Sub, R1
  •   JD Tyrrell  def  Jim Conlin     KO/TKO, R2
  •   Jarell Davis  def  Chris Buckley     Sub, R1
  •   Tom Grinnell  def  Glenn Mix     Unanimous Dec
USA MMA Challenger Series 1 Quick Results
  •   Dillon Yarka  def  Andrew Canale    Sub, 2:55 R2
  •   Bobby Aylward  def  Shaun Boice    Sub, 0:21 R3
  •   Tyler Bayer  def  Ray Kuntz    Sub, 1:20 R1
  •   Randy Sisenstein  def  John O’Brien    KO/TKO, 2:12 R1
  •   Tammy Worrick  def  C. Strait-Martino    KO/TKO, 1:56 R2
  •   Mike Bennett  def  Joe Banker    Sub, 2:59 R1
  •   Tom Connolly  def  Joshua Murchinson    Sub, 0:28 R1
  •   Tom Finch  def  Ben Dixon    Sub, 1:10 R1
  •   Phil Gordon  def  Bryan Guth    KO/TKO, 0:14 R1
  •   Derak Heyman  def  Dom Estarfaa    Split Dec
  •   Justin M Walker  def  Josh Conklin    Unanimous Dec
  •   Doug Butters  def  Chris Caughey    KO/TKO, 2:28 R2
  •   Kyle Gillette  def  Marcus Ellis    Unanimous Dec
  •   Josh Robello  def  Michael Gallese    KO/TKO, 2:28 R1

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